Good Rest at DFW Airport

Have an early departure from DFW Airport and don’t want the aggravation of waking up in the middle of the night to catch your plane? Or, want to meet someone with a stopover in Dallas for drinks or dinner without paying outrageous parking fees? The Hyatt Regency DFW may be a good option for you.

The hotel validates your toll ticket. Make sure you get the ticket in the “ticket only” lane when you enter the airport if you have a toll tag to avoid an automatic charge on your account. This will avoid the hassle of arguing with the Toll Tag Authority if you overpay using a toll lane. With hotel validation, exit at the cash lane and you’ll get the best deal.

I was concerned when I checked in, as my room faced the runway, and I could hear planes taking off periodically. But during the night, I heard no such noise. Maybe they restrict takeoff during sleeping hours. In any event, there is a thermostat in the room that the occupant can adjust. Turn it to run and the white noise of the fan will drown out any noise.

Alternatively, the hotel provides a rather old clock radio (it still has a charger for the old Apple phones) which has several “white noise” options. I didn’t find them to be necessary. One complaint: options for charging electronic devices in the room are limited.

Fortunately, The Hyatt Regency standard rooms provide very comfortable beds so you get a good night’s sleep.

The towels are plush but not very absorbent. My standard room had no bathtub. The shower was Japanese style-inspired … with no shower door, just a half-glass barrier. The water did leak out onto the tile floor, but a bathmat absorbed the water nicely. No bathrobe was provided.

Other than soap, shampoo and hand lotion, no toiletries were provided. My request at the front desk for a razor and shaving cream was handled immediately with a smile.

Check in was quick and easy. I got an email early on the morning of my arrival that allowed me to check in electronically, although my room was not ready when I arrived before check in time. Departure was also simple. An email allows check out electronically with a bill being emailed in reply.

The hotel workout room was nicer than average.

Options to eat were good. A full menu restaurant, a bar with many choices for food, and a coffee bar also with many offerings gave a wide variety for all budget and time constraints. My favorite was the bar, which was also the most crowded. A very extensive room service menu had reasonable prices ranging from $14 hamburgers, salads or sandwiches to a full entrée (around $20). A 24 percent tip and small delivery charge is automatically added.

The elevators are not secured, which means you don’t have to fumble for your electronic key every time you want to go to your room. The hotel doesn’t expect to get the electronic keys back. They are set to stop working when your check out time is up. Right off the elevator are boards with flight information so you can check on your departure before heading out, so there is no need to rush if your flight is delayed.

Best of all, the rack rate is not outlandishly expensive. I was able to get a room for a little more than what I’d pay for a round-trip taxi to the airport from home. I would happily trade the ability to have my own car to drive on return and beginning my trip a day early to avoid the usual stress on travel day. Rendezvous for dinner or start your vacation or business trip refreshed with this hotel option.

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