About Michael Wald

My passion is to travel the world and write about it.   I think I am very well informed about current events and will sometimes express my opinion in my writings.  Remember, people are entitled to their own opinions which may be different than mine.

My focus is on travel for those in their later years who have the time to enjoy longer vacation stays and don’t want to waste time doing purely touristy things. I also cater to young professionals who have resources to do travel that expands the mind. I look for the unique places that will create lifetime memories and give travelers the ability to get into the local culture and better understand the world. In these places the traveler will have a good chance of interacting with local culture and people.

For those that just want to wander on their own, I also have great tips. I personally love to travel with just a backpack. You avoid storing or lugging around luggage and are less likely to miss opportunities to see special things because you don’t have to plan separately for yourself and your luggage.

I don’t intend to hide the fact that I am a trained lawyer, educated at Duke University Law School and practiced for over 40 years.  So I have also written about legal issues.  But nothing I post here should be considered legal advice.  Legal advice depends on specific facts of the situation.  It requires careful review of the application of the law to the specific facts of the situation.

Here I am at the gym. You have to stay in shape to travel to some of the places I go. Thought you might enjoy seeing me in action:


I am passionate about multiculturalism, which I see as the determined desire to know, understand, and appreciate the diverse ways that different cultural groups see and interpret the world.  It’s fascinating to learn how many multiple outlooks exist about the same facts.

The world is a many faceted place.  I explore all the facets.

Are you ready to make your own travel stories? I’m here to help. I lead customized group and individual trips, helping with ALL aspects of the trip, ensuring everything goes efficiently and effectively and you get to experience more things in your limited travel time.

Email wald.world@yahoo.com for more information on travel options.


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