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It is rare that I fall in love with a credit card. But the United Explorer Miles Plus credit card is a card that everyone should apply for.

This card costs $95 per year, but the first year’s fee is waived. So it costs NOTHING for the first year.

One of the big benefits of this card is that it pays for your Global Entry card for international travel. The Global Entry card includes TSA Pre, so even with domestic travel, it will save you from waiting on long lines. You will be able to speed through security without taking your shoes and coats off, and will be given priority treatment. Other cards have this benefit, but they cost around $450 per year.

The Global Entry costs $100 for a card that expires in 4 years. The day after you get your credit card, apply for the Global Entry card. On your first statement you will see the $100 charge and a $100 credit.

If for some reason you do not like the credit card, you can cancel anytime. If you cancel before the end of the first year, you have still gotten the Global Entry card for the next 3 years.

But you probably won’t want to cancel this card because it comes with some pretty awesome advantages above and beyond those I mentioned above.

Each year you get 2 free passes to a United Club of your choice. If you use any sizeable airport where United Airlines flies, it will probably have a United Club. The club is a great place to relax while waiting for a flight. It’s quiet. There are free snacks, wine and beer. Bathrooms are clean. There is usually a bar with food for purchase. They usually have the local newspapers and many magazines. Some of the clubs have showers. Some have computers and even copiers. Some have kids playrooms In other words, it’s your living room away from home.

One of my favorite benefits applies if you rent a car. The car insurance that comes with this card if you use it for your rental payment is PRIMARY insurance, meaning you can claim against it without telling your own insurance company. Most car insurance offered as a credit card benefit is secondary. It only covers what your primary insurance does not cover. With this card, decline all coverage offered by the car rental company and you’re still covered.

There are other benefits to this card. For one, there is no foreign transaction fee, meaning you can use the card for purchases outside the U.S. and not incur a 3% fee that most credit card companies tack on to pay for the currency exchange.

And there are more benefits which you can read about when you apply. I will get a bonus from United Airlines, and you will too, if you apply with this link:


If you get the card and spend $2000 on the card within the first 2 months of getting the card, you’ll earn 40,000 United Airlines frequent flyer miles, enough for a free ticket within the U.S. to almost anywhere, and sometimes enough for a free ticket to Europe. A $2000 “spend requirement” is low compared with other cards that offer a similar mileage credit benefit.

Read the card literature to find out the other benefits I haven’t even discussed here, like earning double mileage credit when you use the card for certain purchases, and getting a 25% discount on purchases onboard a United Airlines flight.

Note that Chase Bank which issues this card has a strict limit of not offering cards to people whose credit report shows applications for 5 or more credit cards in a 24-month time period. So, time your application carefully if you are close to that limit. Good luck and happy travels!

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  1. With United Airlines announcing an increase to $30 for checked baggage, I remembered another great benefit of this card: free first checked bag.

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